Hormone Testing

Hormone Testing

Most hormones are produced by a group of glands known collectively as the endocrine system. Even though these glands are located in various parts of the body, they are considered one system because of their similar functions and relationship to each other.

Hormones are secreted into the bloodstream by these glands. From there, they travel to all parts of the body playing the role of chemical messengers turning specific target tissues on or off. Because they can’t be stored in the cells, hormones do their work as they pass through and then they’re gone. As a result, hormones must be made and released at the precise time they’re needed. To keep things functioning at their best, the body must constantly fine-tune hormone release to keep levels within proper limits.

Because of the complexity of these interactions, a hormonal imbalance rarely stems from only one type of hormone. More often, the problem involves a series of hormones that are out of balance. In addition, a disruption in the balance of hormones produced by one gland or set of glands can cause other glands or systems to dysfunction. Before you know it, you’re feeling miserable on multiple fronts.

How to Achieve Hormone Balance

  • To restore the vital balance of hormones, we first need a detailed, accurate measurement of hormone levels.
  • Not just numbers, but an assessment that offers real meaning.
  • ZRT Laboratory has almost 20 years of experience and results from over 10 million tests and  is a recognized leader in informative, safe and meaningful hormone testing.
  • Their reports include customized comments specific to your lab results.
  • They also are the only lab to offer reference ranges based on patient age, reproductive states and levels of supplementation.

About Hormone Saliva Testing

Ranges Adjusted for Supplementation

  • Unlike other labs, patients do not need to stop hormone supplementation to use ZRT’s testing because they have ranges adjusted for age, menstrual status and supplementation types.
  • This is the ideal method for tracking the effectiveness of hormone treatments.

Extraction Method

  • ZRT is the only lab to perform an extraction process for saliva testing, which separates hormones from background contamination.
  • This is the only way to assure accurate test results for low-concentration hormones such as estradiol.

No Pooling

  • ZRT does not pool patient samples, meaning that they don’t mix multiple daily samples together to get an average hormone level. Instead we measure hormones from a single morning sample, which represents the peak of daily hormone production – the optimal time to measure.

Setting Industry Standards

  • ZRT initiated and manages the industry-wide standards program called the Saliva Proficiency Inter-laboratory Testing Program – which enables laboratories to regularly evaluate and improve saliva testing accuracy.